Forensic Genealogy – Legal Services
Legal, probate, and missing heir research services include locating heirs to estates, tracing owners of unclaimed property, and assisting with research on land records. We can prepare due diligence affidavits and verify kinship evidence for court.

Services regarding general Genealogical inquiry
-Exhaustive family genealogical tracing to a specified generation
-Document retrieval from local, county, state and federal libraries and repositories
-Document retrieval from libraries, historical societies, museum archives, religious institutions and local history sources
-Gravesite location and information
-Recording requested locations and researching origins via video, photo, or historical record search.
-Photography services for memorializing Gravestones, Childhood/Family homes, and sites or features relevant to your inquiry.

Area of Coverage
Most of our work is performed in Northern and Central New Jersey, Trenton, Lower New York as well as NYC, but our breadth & scope of work global and we are capable of seeing your project through from person of interest to the earliest family lines that can possibly be determined. This is possible through a vast network of worldwide researches that we collaborate with and the network of professional societies and services that we are affiliated with.

Since some of these services, such as verifying source information and requesting documentation, may require travel to destinations to research and retrieve records, as well as potential investigative initiative to determine course of action, we cannot offer a flat rate of service on our website.

A retainer is typically used begin research and develop a plan for accomplishing the goal of the client. Given the broad range of possible services, there may be targeted requests that can be performed without a retainer or as services are rendered, so we encourage you to contact our Genealogy Professionals to find out how we can best serve you.